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Winding. Winding machine tools.

Winding, rewind, isolation, measurement, packing - we make these processes easier! Winding machimes, machines for industrial rewinding, counters for measurement of length, cable (wire) length gages and devices of measured rewind, winding complexes - about two decades we are engaged it. We offer our buyers the qualitative, convenient, modern equipment.

More than 17 years of existence of "World of Winding Machines" Ltd. (till December 2006 - Joint-Stock Company "Production Of Winding Equipment") develop and makes the equipment and technological processes only for winding various lengthy materials.

More than 1500 units, 200 models and updatings, hundred technologies, 10 countries of the world, 220 cities and more than 700 enterprises - our result for today.

    We have taken part in 20 international exhibitions. Even though our customers include very large businesses, our equipment is engineered to be particularly suitable for the requirements of medium-size companies, workshops and even non-corporate businesses! Our versatile, easy-to-use, space-saving and singularly cost effective machinery is highly attractive for any customer!

    Transformers and relays, magnets, pickups, armatures and stators for engines of any rating, band, filler wire and any other elongated materials can be wound, unwound, measured, and straightened by our machines. We have developed and manufactured two, three, and four-axis winders furnished with numerical control and PC-based communication systems.

    We are offering state-of-the-art technology for winding and rewinding of microwire, straightening and precision layer winding of weld filler wire on eurospools, winding of wirelines, ropes, large-section copper and aluminum bus-lines, toilet tissue, electric motors, shell-core and toroidal-core transformers, relays, impedance coils, high-accuracy gyroscopic pickups and NDT probes, motor starter coils, edgewise wound bus, toroidal and tape-wound magnetic cores, superconducting elongated materials, large-section steel and copper bands, hoses, barbed wire, current transformers, repeating coils, bobbin-supported and bobbinless orthocyclic coils, motor mesh windings and armatures, insulating materials, flux cored wire, flat and round heating coils made of nichrome band or wire, thermistors with gold and platinum wire, and sheathes spirally wound with silicone materials.

    A whole range of our machines is perfect for use in various training programs due to their small dimensions, operational safety, diversity of features, and cost-effectiveness. They are suitable for handicraft classes at high schools, and can be used in industrial training centers and radio engineering laboratories in occupational schools.

    Some extra attachments and accessories notably enhance the potential of our machines. For renovation and update of existing equipment, we are also offering programmable electronic coil wrap counting devices, which are capable of controlling the machinery and have nonvolatile memory.

    Control programs are based on operator-machine dialog. This facilitates training of maintenance personnel in programming methods. NB: NC programs are developed specially for YOU, and it’s up to YOU to decide what they should be! Based on our experience, we offer all possible options and then determine, together with the customer, what the final product will look like.